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British Youth Rider Invites Flooding In for Summer

24th June 2015

Before the Summer School Holidays have even started, again the invitations for the British Youth Riders have continued to flood in.

Within the last few days the British Youth have been invited to compete in events at Kings Lynn on 25th June, Ipswich on July 2nd and Sheffield on July 23rd.

Neil Vatcher said, “this is fantastic news for the riders to keep getting invited to ride at different venues, as of course the riders are all so keen to compete, and the more track time that all these riders have, can only improve them every time they go out on track”.

At both Kings Lynn and Ipswich it is the turn of the 500cc class to showcase their talent, then at Sheffield next month five riders have been selected from a combination of the 150cc and 125cc classes to again perform in front of the British public.

Our thanks and appreciation to the promoters of all three venues for the invitations.

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