The British Speedway Youth Championship

Championship Information

The championship is open to any rider that wishes to compete, as long as they are under 16 on the 1st January at the start of that year (eg – this years riders must have been under 16 on the 1st January 2016).

Each rider has a choice of 4 classes to ride in; 500cc, 250cc, 150cc, 125cc.

Whichever engine the riders have, they must be riding a speedway bike, but for the smaller ones they are a smaller frames and wheels. The engine sizes are 500cc, 250cc, 125cc or a 150cc Box engine.

The 150cc box engine is purpose built and comes as a standard engine sealed in a box, and is available at a cost of £700 delivered all ready to race.

To race competitively at 500cc you must be 14 years old
To race competitively at 250cc you must be 11 years old
To race competitively at 125cc/150cc you must be 8 years old

Each rider needs to purchase an ACU Racing Licence , (ACU = Auto Cycle Union) and an SCB Permit (SCB = Speedway Control Board)

The 500cc and 250cc classes are run as a British Championship over 8 rounds, with each rider being able to drop 1 round of points from their total, (so only points from 7 rounds count) and the rider with the most points at the end of the series becomes British Champion.

At the 8 rounds both the 125cc and 150cc races are classed as support races to the 500cc and 250cc.

The number of heats in each meeting is dependent on how many riders have entered, although a normal championship will have about 30 riders and approx 40 races

Each rider will have 4 races in each round, and after every rider has had their quota of rides, the top 4 points scorers goes in to a winner takes all final.

The points scored after the final is as follows

1st in the final 18 points
2nd 16 points
3rd 14 points
4th 12 points
5th 11 points
6th 10 points
7th 9 points
8th 8 points
7th 7 points
8th 6 points
9th 5 points
10th 4 points
11th 3 points
12th 2 points
13th 1 points

Each British Championship round is run to the same rules set out by the SCB for all British Championship meetings, however each rider can only use used tyres and they are allowed to have 2 laps practice before each event.

Each rider is supplied with their own British Youth Championship Race Jacket which they wear at each round and also when doing demonstration races during the season.

Information from the SCB, including clothing regulations can be seen here.