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Neil Vatcher Statement

20th June 2019

Neil Vatcher Statement.

It goes without saying, that since Sam Norris’ crash at Glasgow last Sunday, this week has been one of the worst weeks ever, and every minute since the crash, all our thoughts and prayers have been with Sam and his family.

Since leaving Glasgow on Monday morning, both myself and my wife Jackie have been in daily contact with Sam’s Parents Claire and Chris, and we have been giving as much support as possible, despite being over 400 miles away.

I know for a fact that both Claire and Chris have been overwhelmed with how much support they have received, and how many messages through social media that have been sent.

We can only imagine how heart breaking this is for Sam’s family, and all we can do is all hope that in time, Sam recovers from this very severe injury.

I have been in a dilemma all week, what we do regards the remaining rounds of the British Youth Championship, if we should postpone the remaining rounds, or if we continue and in turn all show our support for Sam’s recovery. After consulting with Sam’s Parents and also a number of other people, which included other Youth Riders families, and also the Promotions of both of this week’s scheduled rounds at Belle Vue and Swindon, it has been decided that we would continue the series as planned, and show our support to Sam in the most positive way we can, by continuing to showcase the Young British Talent.

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