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British Youth Championship This Coming Weekend

20th June 2019

With everyone’s thoughts with Sam Norris and his family, the CFS British Youth Championship will continue this weekend with a round at Belle Vue on Saturday and Swindon on Sunday.

As agreed at the Winters AGM each of the Premiership clubs will host a round, and this weekend it is the turn of Belle Vue and Swindon, and for the first time, there are two rounds on consecutive days. Again there are vast numbers over both days across the three classes with 38 riders competing at Belle Vue, and 37 at Swindon.

Neil Vatcher said, in the light of the injury to Sam Norris last weekend, this weekend will be very emotional, but all the riders are keen to show Sam their support, by putting on a good show on track.

The quality of the Youth Championship now is that the Belle Vue Colts number one Jordan Palin will be competing, along with fellow National League Riders Dan and Joe Thompson and Harry McGurk.

The Round at Belle Vue on Saturday starts at 6pm, and at Swindon the round is being run after Swindon National League challenge match versus Kent, which begins at 4pm.

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