FIM European 250cc Championship

After completing four rounds of the British Youth Championship for the 250cc and 500cc classes in just over 3 weeks the month of June is now a quiet month ahead of a hectic July.

The next two rounds take place on one day with Round 5 at Redcar on the 3rd July with a 11.30am start time then that evening Round 6 at Scunthorpe after their Championship fixture with Edinburgh.

As well as the British Youth Championship, the Young Lions also will have representatives in both the FIM European 250cc Championship and European 250cc Pairs events primarily taking place in the Czech Republic and one event in Poland.

Three out of the four current top 250cc riders will be representing Great Britain, current British 250cc Champion Luke Harrison will lead the British Team in the Pairs events along with Max James who has come runner up to Harrison in the last two years of the British 250cc Youth Championship.

There will be two Pairs events taking place over a six day period with the European 250cc Championship taking place in between those dates.

The first Pairs event will take place in Czestochowa Poland on the 7th July where Harrison and James will be joined by Ashton Vale as part of a three team pairs event.

On the 9th July fellow British 250cc rider William Cairns will join Harrison, James and Vale in Liberec in the Czech Republic in the Semi Finals for the European 250cc Individual Championship in the hope of qualifying for the Finals which also will be at the Liberec venue on the next day the 10th of July.

After hopefully competing in the Final on the 10th, Harrison, James, and Cairns will head south to Pardubice also in the Czech Republic to compete in Round 2 of the European 250cc Pairs Championship which takes place on the 12th July.

The third and final round of the 250cc Pairs will take place in Randers Denmark on the 6th August.

Young Lions boss Neil Vatcher explained this is massive dedication by all four British riders and their families to compete in these events across Europe representing Great Britain, as at this level none of the riders get any financial reimbursement from the organisers therefore all self-funded.

If any supporters of British Speedway would like to support the British Riders with cost towards their travel, tyres or fuel please contact Neil Vatcher by email at 

Image Credit: Ian Charles