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BRC Industrial Roofing British Under 19 Final Draw

26th August 2016

The draw for the BRC Industrial Roofing British Under 19 Final has been confirmed ahead of it being held at Birmingham on Wednesday 14th September.

Birmingham’s very own Zach Wajtknecht who is currently out injured with a hand injury, is hoping to be fit to ride in an European Grass Final 3 days before the British Under 19s, and if all goes well will be taking his place wearing the number 3 race jacket.

Also competing in the first race will be another one of the favourites to claim the Under 19 title Kent’s James Shanes, and completing the line up for heat 1 will be Shane’s Kent team mate Jack Thomas who will be at 2 and Mildenhall Alfie Bowtell who will be riding at number 1.

Birmingham also have Jack Smith at 6, and Jack Parkinson Blackburn will be at 12.

Other favourites to claim the top prize will be last years runner up Max Clegg at 5, Ellis Perks who came 4th in last years final will be at 16, and Edinburgh and Belle Vues 17 year old sensation Dan Bewley will be at 14.

With injury doubts over Wajtknecht and Scunthorpe and Kings Lynn’s Josh Bailey who is currently out with a broken collorbone, Ben Basford from Cradley and the Isle of Wight’s Layne Cuppitt will be the 2 standbye reserves.

The full line up in draw order will be –

1) Alfie Bowtell (Mildenhall)
2) Jack Thomas (Kent)
3) Zach Wajtknecht (Somerset and Birmingham)
4) James Shanes (Kent)
5) Max Clegg (Wolverhampton, Edinburgh and Cradley)
6) Jack Smith (Birmingham)
7) Ryan Kinsley (Kings Lynn)
8) Jamie Halder (Coventry)
9) Luke Harris (Eastbourne)
10) Kelsey Dugard (Isle of Wight)
11) Nathan Greaves ( Sheffield and Kings Lynn)
12) Jack Parkinson Blackburn ( Birmingham)
13) Josh Bailey (Scunthorpe and Kings Lynn)
14) Dan Bewley ( Edinburgh and Belle Vue)
15) Luke Ruddick ( Mildenhall)
16) Ellis Perks ( Plymouth and Eastbourne)

17) Ben Basford ( Cradley)
18) Layne Cuppitt ( Isle of Wight)

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