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Vatcher Urges Promoters to Back the Brits

15th April 2017

British Youth Boss Neil Vatcher is urging British Promoters to back the British Riders who currently are without a team spot.

On the back of Stefan Nielson winning the Vince Mapley Memorial Trophy on the Isle of Wight, not only with a sensational 6 ride maximum but also breaking a 9 year old track record, Vatcher said “it is a travesty that these young quality British Riders like Stefan and Joe Jacobs are currently without a Team Spot in any of the 3 leagues.

It was only 2 seasons ago in 2015 that Stefan was Britain’s sole representative in the World Under 21 Finals, and this season he has no team place.

And Jacobs was one of the Belle Vue heroes from last season’s play off finalists, and I find it hard to believe that both riders are without a team place thus far in 2017.

I would urge any promoters who are thinking about making an early change, to consider these boys, as Stefan and Joe are the future for British Speedway, and we need these boys to be riding every week”.

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