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The first round of the 2020 British Youth Championship

6th August 2020

With the first round of the 2020 British Youth Championship taking place at Scunthorpe on Sunday with a 5pm start time, the excitement of a British Championship taking place is building by the day.
Due to postponements and cancellations of two rounds in 2019 it is hard to believe that this is the first round to be held since the July round at Kings Lynn 13 months ago.

It has been well documented the number of British riders who have started their careers in this series, and none bigger than the current European Champion Robert Lambert, on Sunday there will be 11 riders competing in the 500cc class of which if it was not for Covid-19, 7 of those riders would now be competing at National League level, and 3 of those 7 would also be competing in the Championship.
As well as a hotly contested 500cc class, there is also a British title to battle for in both the 250cc and 125cc classes.

Due to the limited amount of meetings taking place this year, there is a new format for the 125cc class, where that class is split into an A and B class with the A class competing for the British Championship, and the B class being support races.

The Full line up for each class is as follows –
500cc – Archie Freeman (Newcastle Gems), Katie Gordon, Sam Hagon (Kent Royals), Elliot Kelly (Mildenhall), Harry McGurk ( Belle Vue Colts) Sam McGurk, Jordan Palin (Scunthorpe and Belle Vue Colts), Sam Peters, Mickie Simpson, Dan Thompson (Leicester Lions and Leicester Cubs), Joe Thompson (Leicester Lions and Leicester Cubs).

250cc – Luke Harrison, William Hocaniuk, Max James, Cameron Taylor, Ashton Vale

125cc A – William Cairns, Jamie Etherington, Max Perry, Ace Pijper, Cooper Rushen, Jack Shimelt, Sonny Springer, Ben Trigger, Charlie Wood

125cc B – Owen Booth, Billy Budd, George Colvin, Jack Franklin, Rico Joyce, Jake Lee, Caydin Martin, Stene Pijper, Rebecca Weston

Young Lions would like to thank their series sponsors for their continued support – Nuneaton Speedway Supporters Club, Wessex Marine, Complete Filtration Services (CFS), Friends of Speedway, Rentruck of Rochdale, RMCS Racing (Gordon Pairman), Shornespeed Speedway Services, Association of Referees (ASR), KanDysoft Solutions and Emma Rothery. Also, to the Promoters of British Speedway for their continued support.

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