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Stefan Nielsen Heads to Italy for Round 1 of 3 FIM World Under 21 Finals

9th July 2015

Great Britain’s Stefan Nielsen heads off to Italy this weekend to compete in Round 1 of 3 FIM World Under 21 Finals, in his quest to be Britain’s first Under 21 Medal winner since Chris Harris claimed the Silver Medal in this competition way back in 2003.

Stefan qualified from his Semi Final, also in Italy after having a run off for the 5th and final qualifying place with home favourite Paco Castagna.

“I know none of these races will be easy, as it is now the best 16 riders at junior level from across the world all aiming to be a World Champion, but I am very excited about competing in these 3 events, and I know that I will learn so much and it will be great experience for me, and help me continue up the speedway ladder.

My ultimate goal is to go into every race, and give it my all, and anyone who knows me knows that I will be giving 100% every inch of the way.

If come the end of round 3 , there is the possibility of claiming a medal then that would be fantastic, but I will enjoy the occasions and learn from them, and ultimately riding in these competitions makes you a better rider.

I have so many people to thank for making it possible for me to compete in these World Finals, and the support and backing that I have had from the British Speedway public has been unreal.

My appreciation goes to:

Billy and David Constance from Cunningham Motors
James Easter at Travel Plus
Gary Drinkwater at City Gearboxes
Stonefield Farm Shop
Poole Promoter Gordon Pairman
The BSPA and SCB for their support and help
Mitas Tyres
My support team and mechanics who without them none of this would be possible,
Steen, Chris Strong, Strawb and my girlfriend Becki Rogers
GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher

Finally all the British Speedway Supporters who have sponsored me with donations, too many to mention but you all know who you are, and I really do appreciate all your kind support.”

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