Silencers for 125cc and 150cc machines – Update.

Following a period of Research, Development and testing, the following silencers are now homologated by the SCB for 125cc and 150cc speedway motorcycles, and will be compulsory for the 2021 season.

These are

  1. DEP
  2. Trakplus T7.
  3. Trakplus T8.

For enquiries please contact;

DEP Products –

Trakplus Products –

The SCB wishes to thank both manufacturers for their cooperation in this project.

Silencer Regulations applicable to 125 / 150cc motorcycles.

An SCB Homologated silencer must be used.

All silencers must incorporate a Heat Shield which must be of equal length and girth to the main body of the actual silencer.

During a heat, if the Heat Shield becomes defective or detached the rider will NOT be subject to disqualification.

The exhaust pipe must be fixed to the cylinder head and the frame with a minimum of 3 clips. The point of fixture at the cylinder head is considered as one clip.

The Silencer must be fixed to the frame with at least one fixing point.

A steel cable of at least 3mm diameter, or a strong steel spring, must be connected to the silencer and to the frame.

The outlet of the silencer must be horizontal and parallel to the axis of the machine.

The exhaust system must not extend beyond the vertical line drawn at the end rear tyre.

The Sound level is 112DBA Maximum, at an engine testing speed of 10,000 RPM.

Minimum ‘In Use’ Weight.

  • DEP 1.0kg.
  • Trakplus T7 1.5kg.
  • Trakplus T8 1.6kg.

The SCB homologated silencers for 125cc and 150cc are;

  • DEP SCB DEP 2021.
  • Trakplus T7 SCB Trakplus T7 2021.
  • Trakplus T8 SCB Trakplus T8 2021.