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A Look Ahead to Round 2 of the Mitas British Youth Championship

28th April 2016

Ahead of Round 2 of the Mitas British Youth Championship at Scunthorpe on Bank Holiday Monday, the Championship takes a new format for the first time, as it is part 1 of round 2, due to it being run as a 2nd half event after Scunthorpe’s Premier League match. This Monday will be only the classes of 500cc and 150cc, and the 2 other classes 250cc and 125cc also being run as a 2nd half on the next May Bank Holiday at the end of the month.

The 500cc class is going to be the class of 2016, with so much talent in this group as stars of the future.

At round 1 this particular class had many star performers, none more than Kyle Bickley who went on to win Round 1, and also the runner up in Round 1 Tom Brennan.

Bickley and Brennan clashed in heat 1 at Glasgow, with Brennan getting excluded after clashing with Bickley on the final bend , and then in the final they passed each other on a number of occasions, before Bickley crossed the finish line just a tyre width in front of Brennan.

Bickley and Brennan again clash in heat 1 on Monday.

This class is definitely not a 2 horse race, as there are sure to be some surprises across the 8 round series, there are a number of star performers already this season, with 15 year old Sam Bebee making his National League debut only last weekend, and already scoring some valuable points for his team Mildenhall, which included a couple of race wins.

Also look out for round 1 finalist Kean Dicken, Lewis Whitmore and 14 year old Jordan Jenkins to name but a few.

With only 5 riders in the 150cc class, Nathan Ablitt who was unbeaten in round 1 will be the one rider in this class to look out for, although the local track knowledge of Keiron McCoy will certainly keep Ablitt on his toes.

So with 19 riders competing over the 2 classes, that means a 21 heat 2nd half for all those supporters who make their way to the Eddie Wright Raceway on Monday afternoon.

Young Lions would like to thank the series sponsors for their support in 2016 – Mitas Tyres, Wessex Marine, Nuneaton Speedway Supporters Club, Meridian Lifts, PBHS of Barnsley, Rentruck of Rochdale,Speedway Nut, Friends of Speedway, Association of Referees, Trend Creative, KanDysoft Solutions and Duck Smart Cleaning products, along with the BSPA.

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