2nd British U21 Qualifier – Redcar

The 2nd British Under 21 Qualifier takes place at Redcar this evening, after a late switch of venues following the withdrawal of Newcastle.

Neil Vatcher commented “Unfortunately I received a call from the Newcastle promotion last Friday morning informing me due to lack of ticket sales for the event, Newcastle were unable to stage the meeting which was very disappointing, but I totally understood the reasons why.

Within minutes of the press release going out confirming the cancellation, 2 clubs immediately contacted me offering to host the meeting within the next week or so, of which one of those clubs was Redcar.

From that point on Jamie Swales and the promotion at Redcar went above and beyond to stage the event and to be honest as the original staging was meant to take place in the North East, I was keen for that to still be the case.

It would be great if the supporters who did purchase a ticket for the event that was originally going to take place at Newcastle, are able to attend Redcar this evening.

It was not quite as straight forward as just booking the event in, as Redcar’s first choice of dates was to run this Sunday but with a clash of other fixtures taking place on that date, it would affect 6 of the 16 riders, which would not be fair to either the clubs or the riders.

Redcar’s normal race night of Friday was then discussed, but that clashed with the England v Scotland European Football Championship fixture, and we decided it would not be good to run against that.

So, the 3rd option was to run on the Thursday, and with the support of the BSP Limited Directors to enable Redcar on an off night, it was now a case of getting the riders availability.

As well as the Redcar Promotion for arranging this fixture at such short notice, all credit must also go to the competing riders, considering that at this level either the riders or their parents or in most cases both have other jobs or commitments, 15 out of the 16 riders confirmed their availability within hours of being contacted.”

The one change to the original line is that Leicester’s Ben Trigger replaces Ben Woodhull.

The full rider line up who will be chasing a top 6 finish is as follows:

1) Danny Smith 2) Mickie Simpson, 3) Dan Thompson, 4) Archie Freeman, 5) Joe Lawlor, 6) Sheldon Davies, 7) Kyran Lyden, 8) Joe Thompson, 9) Kyle Bickley, 10) Ben Trigger, 11) Jason Edwards, 12) Daniel Gilkes, 13) Gregor Millar, 14) Mason Watson, 15) Tom Spencer, 16) Sam Woolley

The top 6 will join Leon Flint, Anders Rowe, Drew Kemp and Tom Brennan who have been seeded direct to the final.

Plus, the 6 qualifiers from the 1st qualifier at Mildenhall earlier this month, Jordan Jenkins, Jake Mulford, Nathan Ablitt, Jack Parkinson Blackburn, Sam Bebee and Alex Spooner

Tickets are available via the Redcar website here.