04.2.19 Emergency Spare Tyres

The Speedway Control Bureau have confirmed that the following regulations has been extended by an extra month –

04.2.19 Emergency Spare Tyre – Page 55

As per 2020 Regulations with the exception that riders who do not have a suitable / used Anlas SW003 tyre, both edges of which must have been used, are permitted to use a used Mitas 375-19 SW07 BL until the 31st of July 2021 only. 

National Development League, Junior League & Individual Competitions – Page 55

As per the 2020 Regulations with the following clarifications :

    * If the new tyre option is chosen this must be the Anlas – FIM/ANSW03020 SW003

    * If the used tyre option is chosen, the Mitas 375-19 SW07 BL is permitted until 31st of July 2021 only.

The use of a new Mitas 375-19 SWO7 BL tyre is prohibited.