News > The 8th Venue for the 2016 Mitas British Youth Championship is Glasgow!

The 8th Venue for the 2016 Mitas British Youth Championship is Glasgow!

18th January 2016

After weeks of negotiations, the Young Lions Management are very excited to announce the the 8th venue of the 2016 Mitas British Youth Championship will be ridden not only at a new venue, but also for the very first time venturing North of the Border.

Glasgow will host a round sometime in June or July, a date yet to be confirmed and more likely on a Saturday afternoon.

Neil Vatcher enthusiastically said, “I am delighted to finally be able to confirm Glasgow as a venue, and one that I personally am very excited about going to, as in recent times, every report coming out of the Glasgow club has been very positive indeed, and I’m hearing that it is one of the best venues in the UK.

I would like to thank the Glasgow promotion for agreeing to host a round, and again this just shows the profile of this championship is getting bigger each year as we are able to go to some of the best speedway venues in the UK”.

Vatcher said, “after a sucessful 2015 season , I was thinking to myself how do we improve this championship in 2016, but incredibly I believe with the recent announcements of the 8 staging venues, which includes the new National Speedway Stadium at Belle Vue, going back to the Stadium that has recently hosted the World Cup, Kings Lynn, and now with todays announcement of going to Glasgow, along with the continued support of the 5 tracks from recent seasons, Leicester, Redcar, Scunthorpe, Rye House and Eastbourne, and also the fantastic support from all our current and new sponsors, and the continued support and backing from the BSPA it is looking to be the most exciting season in the history of British Youth Speedway”.

With the logistics of travelling to Glasgow for a one off meeting, Vatcher also confirmed that with the backing from the BSPA, he is in talks with a track in the North West of England, about staging a British Youth event, that has never been staged before, on the day after the Glasgow meeting, to make it the biggest weekend in the history of the Championship.

More details on that weekend will be released once the details have been confirmed.

The British Youth Boss also said, “I know that a lot of people will think it is a long way to travel to Glasgow for a Youth event, but if these Young Brits are serious about becoming stars of the future, then the travelling is all part and parcel of the sport.

In fairness, I did a survey at the last round of last years championship to see if we were able to get a round in Scotland would they be keen to go and got a 100% positive answer back, and also a lot of the current riders are northern based.

If any riders, especially the southern based riders choose not to travel, then that’s also fine, because within the rules of the championship each rider has the option of dropping one round, but after saying that, from the response I have already had, I would not imagine too many riders passing the option of competing at one of the best venues in the UK in a British Championship round”.

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