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Mitas British Youth Championship Round 1 Set for Tremendous Turn Out

16th March 2016

It is a well known fact that the Young Lions riders and families have great commitment to the Mitas British Youth Championship series, and none more so that the amount of riders who have signed up to compete in the 1st round at Glasgow on Sunday 10th April.

A delighted Neil Vatcher said, “when we first spoke about going to Glasgow there were a few doubters that told me riders would not travel that far, but I said to them that they did not know the commitment of these riders and families, although at the time not knowing myself who would be travelling to Glasgow.

Over the last couple of days I have got the names for Round 1 and to my absolute delight, 39 riders have confirmed that they will attend, which in my opinion is a tremendous turn out and I would like to personally thank each and everyone of them for their commitment.

I really do believe that British Speedway can genuinely see that this series is a big competition now, and this proves to everyone how serious the riders and their families take it.

All we can do now is appeal to the Speedway supporters of not only Glasgow, but also the North of England and Scottish speedway fans to come out in support of these stars of the future on Sunday 10th April”.

The confirmed riders are –

Nathan Ablitt, Carl Basford, Sam Bebee, Kyle Bickley, Tom Brennan, Jacob Clayton, Danny Curl, Sheldon Davies, Kean Dicken, Jason Edwards, Bailey Fellows, Leon Flint, Alex Goldsborough, Luke Harrison, James Hitchen, Jordan Jenkins, Elliot Kelly, Drew Kemp, Liam Little, Keiron McCoy, Harry McGurk, Sam McGurk, Gregor Miller, Ryan Morris, Jordan Palin, Corbin Pavitt, Max Perry, Anders Rowe, Mickie Simpson, Jack Shimeltt, Alex Spooner, Taya Thirtle, Dan Thompson, Joe Thompson, Lewis Whitmore, Ben Woodhull, Luke Woodhull, Sam Wooley and Jack Wright.

If any riders that do wish to compete are not on the list please contact Neil Vatcher as soon as possible.

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