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British Youth Pairs Team Names and Nicknames

21st February 2016

For the British Youth Pairs at Northside on Saturday 9th April, the 16 Pairs will ride under Team Names that have supported British Under 21 Speedway.

Young Lions Management are asking the supporters of British Youth Speedway to email in suggestions of the team’s nicknames, (for example Wessex Marine Mariners) with one stipulation that it is not a current team’s nickname (e.g can’t be Panthers, because that’s Peterborough’s nickname).

The 16 Team Names will be –

1) Mitas Tyres

2) Wessex Marine

3) Friends of Speedway

4) PBHS Utilities

5) Nuneaton Supporters Club

6) Meridian Lifts

7) Rentruck

8) Duck Smart

9) Trend Creative

10) Kandysoft Solutions

11) Motive Car Acessories

12) Speedway Nut

13) Pairmans (Gordon Pairman)

14) S.R.A (Speedway Riders Association)

15) ATPI Management

16) Fen Signs Cambridge United

Please email in your suggestions to

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