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British Youth Champonsip Round 2 – Report and Results

6th June 2018

Another fantastic afternoon of British Youth Speedway as the Youth Series went to Rye House for Round 2.

With a number of riders withdrawing late on 5 races were cancelled but there was still an amazing 36 races in just under 3 hours.

In the 500cc Round 1 winner Leon Flint was made to work hard for another victory as he was beaten in the heats by Joe Thompson on 2 occasions, but Flint still managed to amass enough points to get the all important first pick of gates in the final.

The Thompson Twin couldn’t be split for 2nd pick as they both ended up on 9 points, and it was a flip of a coin that gave Dan the choice over Joe on 2nd pick of gates, with Chad Wirtzfeld also making his 2nd consecutive final.

Although Flint was under pressure from both Thompson boys to in the final, he held his nerve and claimed his 2nd victory out of 2 and another 18 Championship points.

There was hardly anything to split Dan and Joe all day and the final was no different with Joe just about heading Dan by the width of a tyre.

In the 250cc class Round 1 winner Nathan Ablitt won all 4 heats to the final, with Jordan Palin getting all 2nd places, and Youth debutant Sam Norris and Sam Hagon also making the final.

Ablitt surprisingly choose gate 1 for the final, and that was to be his downfall, as Palin coming from gate 2 got across Ablitt on the first turn, and from that point Palin was not going to give up his first win of the season to go level on points with Ablitt for the British Title.

In the support classes there was only 2 finishers in both the 150 and 125 finals. In the 125 final the 2 leading scorers Luke Harrison and Sam McGurk got caught out with the track conditions after the track had just been watered and both were fallers. This left a match race between Max Perry and Elliot Kelly.
Although Kelly led from the start, Perry seized his opportunity of a first Youth Round victory and did a neat manoeuvre passed Kelly to claim the top prize.

Archie Freeman made no mistake in the 150 class, after winning all 4 qualifying heats, he went to win the rerun of the final, after Sonny Springer fell in the first running of it. Home favourite Charlie Jenson was upset to have mechanical issues on the start line, and that left Freeman and Gregor Miller to go on and claim the top 2 prizes.


British Championship Points


1st Leon Flint 18points
2nd Joe Thompson 16
3rd Dan Thompson 14
4th Chad Wirtzfeld 12
5th Harry McGurk 11
6th Mickie Simpson 10


1st Jordan Palin 18 points
2nd Nathan Ablitt 16
3rd Sam Norris 14
4th Sam Hagon 12

Scorers for the 2 support classes


1st Archie Freeman 12 + 3
2nd Gregor Miller 9 + 2
3rd Charlie Jenson 10 + 1
4th Sonny Springer 8 + 0
5th Aston Vale 7
6th Jack Bell 6
7th Freddie Fox Baron 4
8th Danny Smith 2
9th Callum Gill 1
10th Jack Wright 0


1st Max Perry 9 + 3
2nd Elliot Kelly 9 + 2
3rd Luke Harrison 12 + 1
4th Sam McGurk 11 + 0
5th Alex Goldsborough 8
6th Kyran Lyden 6
7th Ben Trigger 5
8th Vinnie Foord 4
9th Max James 4
10th Finley Dimmock 2
11th Caydin Martin 1
12th Maddy Fellows 1

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