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British Youth Championship Round 3 at Glasgow

21st June 2018

The British Youth Championship moves North of the Border on Sunday afternoon as Round 3 takes place at Glasgow at 3pm.

Leon Flint who has won the previous 2 Rounds in the 500cc class will be  hoping to keep his momentum going in his bid to win another British Title.

The Thompson Twin Joe and Dan kept Flint on his toes at Round 2 and again they will be going all out for their first win on a 500cc.

Local interest in the 250cc class with Cooper Henderson and Josh McPherson with making their Championship debuts, but will do well to compete against the 250cc European Finalist Nathan Ablitt and Jordan Palin.

Again a good turn out of riders in the support classes of 125cc and 150cc, with Sam McGurk and Archie Freeman being the favourites to take the top prize.

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