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125cc Final Results from Redcar

16th October 2019

The 2019 British 125cc was held at Redcar on Friday night as a 2nd half event after Redcar’s KO Cup Final with Newcastle.
With a 10pm curfew, the 125cc final started at just after 9pm, and the pressure was on to complete the 12 qualifying heats and a winner takes all final before the curfew.

Credit to all 12 riders who were ready for all their heats on time, which included a number of riders having 2 heats on the trot.
Unfortunately in the 1st heat there was a clash between the 2 Max’s Perry and James, with Perry face planting the track and having to receive 11 stitches In a face wound and unable to take any further part in the meeting.

From that point on the meeting flowed perfectly, all 13 heats being completed before 10pm.

During the qualifying heats, there were a number of stand out performances which included Ace Pijper who had his best meeting of the season, being undefeated in the heats which included impressive wins over pre meeting favourites Luke Harrison and Ben Trigger.

As expected Harrison, Max James along with Pijper looked favourites to make the winner takes all final , and all 3 did not disappoint in the final race!

For the last spot in the final, 3 riders tied on 7 points, Freddie Fox Baron who had 2 fantastic race wins, along with the battling William Cairns and Ben Trigger. Fox Baron 2 race wins were vital though, as this gave him a place in the final on countback.
The racing was excellent prior to the final with all 12 riders giving it 100%, and plenty of passing and re-passing.

If the heats 1 to 12 were entertaining, well heat 13 the final of the British 125cc was breathtaking. Pijper, James and Harrison were 3 abreast for almost 2 laps, and at one point each of the 3 riders were leading the race. Harrison who has had plenty of experience racing in Europe as well as the UK in 2019, showed all his experience, and literally rode the fence for 4 laps, and sensationally did enough just to hold on in front of Pijper and James, who were both less than a bikes length behind Harrison.

GB Youth boss Neil Vatcher was ecstatic after the meeting, about the standard of the racing and speaking with a number of the Redcar officials who were all in agreement that the final of the 125cc was one of the best races seen at Redcar this season.


2019 125cc British Champion – Luke Harrison 11 + 3
Runner Up – Ace Pijper 12 + 2
Third – Max James 10 + 1
4th – Freddie Fox Baron 7 + 0
5th – William Cairns 7
5th – Ben Trigger 7
7th – Danny Smith 6
8th – Cooper Rushen 5
9th – William Hocaniuk 3
10th – Callum Gill 3
11th – Katie Gordon 1
12th – Max Perry – Injured

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