Rider Profiles > Luke Harrison

Full Name Luke Harrison
Date of Birth 15/6/2007
Home Town Scunthorpe
Engine Size 125cc
Age You Started Speedway 7
Favourite Speedway Moment Loads winning the 2017 youth pairs with Ryan Morris, winning the Northern junior league and 4tt with Berwick Border Raiders but the one that sticks out is representing the country at the 125cc European championships in Torun Poland
Favourite Track Redcar, Torun, Berwick
Favourite Speedway Rider Nikke Lunna, Patryk Dudek
Favourite Speedway Team Berwick, Scunthorpe
Biggest Influence on your Speedway Career Mum and Dad Rob Godfrey and all at Berwick academy
Worst Injuries Concussion twice and a broken wrist (snowboarding)

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