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Full Name Liam Sharples
Date of Birth 21/12/2003
Home Town Queensbury, Bradford
Engine Size 125cc/150cc
Age You Started Speedway 13
Favourite Speedway Moment Not really been at it long enough although having a week's holiday with my family up in Workington and Maryport last summer along with Beau, Carl Stonehewer and Alison, was where I learnt how to skid it. After a few days of motocross and speedway it finally just clicked.
Favourite Track Sheffield
Favourite Speedway Rider Tai Woffinden
Favourite Speedway Team Sheffield Tigers
Biggest Influence on your speedway career My Great Grandad was Ken Sharples who rode and was manager at Belle Vue in the 1960's.
Grandad Phil Sharples has encouraged me and helped with sponsorship from friends and family and is happy to have another Sharples riding again.
Mal Carter has been a massive help also, he helped us on our journey kitting us out with Motocross bikes a couple of years back which helps with balance, control & confidence. He has also helped us with transport for over a year.
Carl Stonehewer who is a very good mate of my Dad, has been great. He got me and my brother Finley our first ride on a Speedway bike at Maryport, an old blue bike which the likes of Craig Cook and Dan Bewley started out on!
Benji Compton has recently shown an interest in helping us also and is a local friend.

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