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Full Name Leon Flint
Date of Birth 22/02/2003
Home Town Berwick Upon Tweed
Engine Size 500cc
Age You Started Speedway 11
Favourite Speedway Moment Coming 3rd in the British champs in my first year at Rye House with the Berwick fans behind me, the noise they made was unreal and made me realise why I want to make it all the way in speedway
Favourite Track Scunthorpe
Favourite Speedway Rider Ricky Ashworth
Favourite Speedway Team I don't have a favourite team I just love speedway
Biggest Influence on your speedway career Ricky Ashworth sponsored me with my first bike and for this I will be grateful until the day I die, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be racing now.

There are lots of other riders who are on hand for advice with the likes of Kevin Doolan, Aaron Summers, Rene Bach, Seb Alden, Martin Dugard and the Courtneys always on hand to give advice when I need it

My Dad and Grandad also give up a lot taking me around the country so I can race

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