Rider Profiles > Freddie Fox Baron

Full Name Freddie Fox-Baron
Date of Birth 10/11/2007
Home Town St Albans
Engine Size 125cc/150cc
Age You Started Speedway 6
Favourite Speedway Moment Picking up my first race win in my first season at Rye House
Favourite Track Rye House
Favourite Speedway Rider Nicki Pedersen
Favourite Speedway Team Rye House Rockets
Biggest Influence on your speedway career By far Peter Schroeck. He has been such a big influence in my speedway career. Without his mentoring and training I don’t think I would be where I am now.
Also Martin Hagon for letting me be part of the demo racing before meetings which has bought me on massively. Finally, my Dad and Grandad for all their time, effort and support whilst driving me up and down the country.
Worst Injuries I’ve tested a few air fences and gone over the handle bars but luckily only a few bruises

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