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The British Youth Championship (formally known as British Under 15 Championship) has been running since 2004 and the list of winners are as follows –

Year 500cc Winners 250cc Winners
2004 Josh Auty
2005 Josh Auty
2006 Joe Haines
2007 Dan Greenwood
2008 Jason Garrity Rhys Naylor
2009 Ashley Morris Brandon Freemantle
2010 Brandon Freemantle Robert Lambert
2011 Nathan Stoneman Nathan Greaves
2012 Nathan Greaves Nathan Greaves
2013 Nathan Greaves Zach Wajtknecht
2014 Luke Harris Lewis Whitmore
2015 Jack Parkinson Blackburn Tom Brennan

From 2011 we have run an one off 125cc British Final, with 12 riders having 4 rides each, and then the top 4 points scorer riding in a winner takes all final.
In 2014 we also ran for the 1st time a one off 150cc final, on the same rules.

List of British Champions are as follows


2011 Henry Atkins
2012 Tom Brennan
2013 Kyle Bickley
2014 Kyle Bickley
2015 Joe Thompson


2014 Tom Brennan
2015 Leon Flint

British Youth Championship is proving to be a stepping stone for the future of British Speedway, with a whole host of former youth riders riding in the 2015 National League, and many riders currently riding in the Elite League; Robert Lambert, Kyle Howarth, Josh Auty, Josh Bates, Adam Ellis, Jason Garrity and James Sarjeant.

Howarth, Auty, and Ellis have all ridden in World Under 21 Finals.

Jack Parkinson won the Midland Development Championship in 2015.

Kyle Bickley is the current World 125cc Champion for the second year running, and Zach Wajtknecht is a former World 125cc Champion.