Fixtures > Round 7 British Youth Championship 2017

Round 7 British Youth Championship 2017

19th August 2017 - 7pm




1st Drew Kemp (Now British Champion)
2nd Liam Little
(2 riders only)


1st Leon Flint (Now British Champion)
2nd Jason Edwards
3rd Joe Thompson


1st Harry McGurk
2nd Corban Pavitt
3rd Luke Harrison


Drew Kemp in the 500cc and Leon Flint in the 250cc both clinched the British Championship in Glasgow on Saturday night, as both riders went through their classes undefeated.

Kemp clinched the title by defeating his only opponent in his class Liam Little in his 1st heat, and anyone who would have watched any rounds in 2017 will not deny Kemp deserves the title of British Champion.

Flint in the 250 class had to wait until his 3rd ride to claim his 3rd British Title as is the reigning 250 champion and also previously winning the 150 Championship.

Both riders will be presented will their British Championship trophies after the last round at Leicester next month.