Fixtures > Mitas British Youth Championship Round 5

Mitas British Youth Championship Round 5

20th September 2015 - 5pm

Rye House


Jack Parkinson 18
Jamie Halder 16
William O’Keefe 14
Jack Thomas 12
Lewis Whitmore 11
Lewis Miller 10
Sam Wooley 8
Sam Chapman 8
Mitchell Beckett 8

Tom Brennan 18
Kyle Bickley 16
Jordan Jenkins 14
Charlie Brooks 12
Kean Dicken 11
Alex Spooner 10
Sam Bebee 9

1st Nathan Ablitt
2nd Jason Edwards
3rd Taylor Hampshire
4th Sam Hagon
5th Sam Stead
6th Keiron McCoy
7th Mason O’Rourke
8th Jacob Clayton
9th James Laker

1st Dan Thompson
2nd Joe Thompson
3rd Mickie Simpson
4th Bailey Fellows
5th Danny Curl
6th Alex Goldsborough
7th Taya Thirtle
8th Jay Farish


At the 5th round of the 2015 Mitas British Youth Championship hosted by Rye House, two new British Champions were crowned by the end of the evening, after both Jack Parkinson in the 500cc and Tom Brennan in the 250cc both not only went unbeaten in the heats, but went on to win their respective finals and both clinched the British titles.

Parkinson didn’t have it all his own way initially after having first pick of gates in the final. Jack Thomas who has made a massive improvement during the course of this season qualified for his first final after dropping only one point on the way to the final, led from the start in the all important final heat, with both Parkinson and Jamie Halder both giving chase.

Thomas looked set to complete a remarkable afternoon by clinching the win, only to make a slight mistake entering bend one on the third lap, where Parkinson had to make a split decision to lay the bike down, and ended up buried in the air fence.

The referee had a tough call to make, but after much consideration excluded the unlucky Thomas for being the cause of the stoppage and ordered the three remaining riders Parkinson, Halder and William O’Keefe who was also making his debut final appearance to re-run the final.

Second time round the undefeated Parkinson made no mistake and clinched his first British Title by winning his fifth consecutive British Youth Round, an achievement that has not been done before.

Halder kept Parkinson honest for the whole four laps, with O’Keefe completing the four laps to clinch his first rostrum finish.

It was a similar story with Tom Brennan in the 250s as he was undefeated in the heats on his way to the final, and went on to clinch his third British Title after being a previous British Champion in both the 125s and 150s by winning his third final of the 2015 series.

Kyle Bickley made sure Brennan kept on the gas for the whole four laps, one mistake by Brennan and Bickley was ready to pounce, but all credit to Brennan who rode a perfect four laps and led from start to finish.

Jordan Jenkins and Charlie Brooks, fought tooth and nail for the third place, with Jenkins just coming out on top.

The support classes of both 150 and 125s were very entertaining all afternoon with a new winner in the 150s, as young Nathan Ablitt who was pushed all the way by Jason Edwards, just about held on to clinch his first ever win.

The 3rd and 4th place in the 150s were both making their second and  first appreances in a final as Taylor Hampshire clinched 3rd ahead of the impressive Sam Hagon.

The Thompson Twins Dan and Joe once again dominated the 125s, with Dan doing just enough to hold on to the win against his twin Joe, who earlier in the evening had bounced up from a nasty fall to take his place in the final.

Mickie Simpson and Bailey Fellows who were both making their second appreances in a final, fought hard for third pace, with Simpson doing enough to claim the last rostrum spot.

The series now moves on to Northside for the 6th and final round this coming Saturday at a 2pm start time.