Fixtures > Mitas British Youth Championship Round 4

Mitas British Youth Championship Round 4

5th September 2015 - 2pm


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Jack Parkinson 18
Jamie Halder 16
Lewis Whitmore 14
Keiron Douglas 12
Luke McKenna 11
Jack Thomas 10
Sam Chapman 9
Mitchell Beckett 8
Stephen Whitehouse 7
Sam Wooley 6
William O’Keefe 5


Tom Brennan 18
Leon Flint 16
Kean Dicken 14
Jordan Jenkins 12
Kyle Bickley 11
Sam Bebee 10



Another fantastic attendance across the 4 classes at Round 4 of the Mitas British Youth Championship, at the 3rd attempt of trying to run round 4, this time successfully at Redcar.

The 500cc class went right to the very last heat heat as Luke McKenna needed a race win in his last qualifying heat to make his first final.

Luke led from the start and was a lap away from making the final, which would have knocked Lewis Whitmore out of his first final this year, only to over slide it and fall with a lap to go, which reprieved Whitmore, and set him up nicely for what turned out to be a fantastic final, probably the best of the series, along with Jack Parkinson, Jamie Halder and Keiron Douglas.

Parkinson made the start in the final, only for Halder to pass him down the back straight on the first lap, and then Halder was hunted down by Parkinson for the remainder of the race.

Parkinson tried various lines, but found no way past the fast Halder, then on the very last corner, Parkinson did the big outside move, and just pipped Halder on the line, as the whole stadium gasped with amazement of such a mature move by such a young man.

The 250cc class also went right down to the last qualifying race, as amazingly the red hot favourite Kyle Bickley failed to make the final. All credit to the riders in this class, it shows the true quality of all the riders in the class if Bickley doesn’t make the final.

Tom Brennan showed his class, and barring an engine failure in his last qualifying heat went through the meeting unbeaten including winning his 2nd final, and yet to be outside the top two in the four rounds so far this series.

Kean Dicken kept in touch with the championship with an appreance in his fourth straight final.

The support races of 150cc and 125ccs were both very entertaining as always, and each and every rider deserved massive credit for making it such a great day.

The series moves on to Rye House on the 20th September, where both British titles can be claimed with a round to spare.

Jack Parkinson needs a 3rd in the 500cc final and Tom Brennan needs a 2nd in the 250cc final to both be crowned British Champions. All British Youth supporters need to be at the Herfordshire venue to possibly see not just one, but two British Champions being crowned on the 20th September.