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Mitas British Youth Championship Round 3

7th June 2015 - 3pm


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Jack Parkinson 18 points
Jamie Halder    16 points
Lewis Whitmore 14 points
Macauley Leek   12 points
Kieron Douglas   11 points
William O”Keefe 10 points
Jack Thomas       8.5 points
S Whitehouse    8.5 points
Kyle Roberts        7 points
Mitchell Beckett 6 points
Sam Chapman     5 points
Sam Wooley        4 points
Sam Wright          3 points
Luke McKenna     2 points


Kyle Bickley       18 points
Tom Brennan    16 points
Jordan Jenkins   14 points
Kean Dicken       12 points
Anders Rowe      11 points
Charlie Brooks    10 points
Ben Woodhull     9 points
Luke Woodhull   7.5 points
Chad Wirtzfeld     7.5 points
Alex Spooner      6 points


1st Joylon West
2nd Jason Edwards
3rd Leon Flint
4th Sam Stead
5th Taylor Hampshire
6th Kieron McCoy
7th Jordan Palin
8th Lewis Miller
=     Mason O”Rourke
10th Sam Hagon
11th James Laker
12th Jack Bree


1st Joe Thompson
2nd Dan Thompson
3rd Jay Farish
4th Mickie Simpson
5th James Hitchen
6th Bailey Fellows
7th Jack Wright
8th Niall Cleaver
9th Jack Shimeltt
10th Alex Goldsbrough
11th Danny Curl
12th Taya Thirtle
=       Sheldon Davies
14th Corbin Pavitt



At the halfway stage of the 2015 Mitas British Youth Championship, the 2 classes that run as a British Championship; the 500cc and 250cc, look as if they will have two different endings.

The 500cc class was again in the 3rd round at Leicester dominated by 14 year Jack Parkinson who was unbeaten by an opponent all afternoon, and in fairness never looked as if he would be beaten.

Jack’s style and speed oozes class, and if he may win his first British Youth Title at junior level after previously finishing on the rostrum places at both 125cc and 250cc. It looks at this stage a mammoth effort for any of the other riders in this class not only to beat him on the overall series, but to relegate him to a 2nd place in a race.

So with 3 rounds down, Jack has the maximum points tally of 54 points, and with a maximum score of 90 points achievable, (after each rider has dropped one round), it would take a brave man at this stage of the series to say that Jack will not get a maximum score, which if he does would be an incredible achievement.

The chasing pack behind Parkinson is led by recent Coventry Storm signing 15 year old Jamie Halder, who after a great battle in the 500cc Final at the 3rd Round , firstly with Macauley Leek, then at the 2nd running of the final with Lewis Whitmore, claimed his 2nd runners up trophy of the series. Halder is currently on 44 Championship points along with Lewis Whitmore who claimed his 3rd consecutive rostrum place, a great effort for the young man who has recently just turned 14.

The 500cc class looks at this stage as if Parkinson is running away with it, not only for the British Title, but also that prestige Wild Card spot in September’s British Under 19 Final. A handful of riders are all chasing the medal positions which includes Halder, Whitmore, Leek, and Keiran Douglas.

As for the 250cc class, that is a different matter!

Three rounds down and three different winners, tells its own story.

Right from day one we have been saying that the 250cc will be the most competitive class of this season’s series, and thus far it looks as if we are not going to be far wrong.

After Kean Dicken and then Tom Brennan won Rounds 1 and 2 respectively, the returning Kyle Bickley did not fault under the pressure in this final, and after being beaten by Brennan in the heats. Brennan had first pick of gates for the final, Bickley calmly picked the outside gate 3 next to Brennan off gate 2, and made the big swoop around the outside on bends 1 and 2, and just about had enough speed to stay in front of the chasing Brennan for the remaining 3 laps.

Jordan Jenkins made the final for the first time in this series, after just missing out in rounds 1 and 2, and deservedly made the rostrum with a 3rd place finish ahead of round 1 winner Dicken.

The Championship points in this class makes interesting reading, with Bickley already dropping his compulsory round, after missing round 2, if we was to drop a round for Brennan, Dicken and Anders Rowe at this stage, then there would only be 4 points separating the top 4, so definitely all to play for in the remaining 3 rounds for this class.

If the top 2 classes were exciting, the final for the 150cc was worth the admission money by itself.

During the heats, you could not split the top 3 in this class, with Joylon West (winner of round 1), Jason Edwards (winner of round 2) and Leon Flint all looking like they could walk away with the top prize, and sure enough it was impossible to pick out a winner even after lap 2 of the final.

As they went down the back straight for the first time in the final, they were 3 abreast going in to the 3rd bend, and if they did not shut their eyes, we can guarantee the majority of the biggest crowd ever to witness a Youth Round certainly did.

They all raced for the whole 4 laps with only a few inches between them and Sam Stead not far behind.

West just about did enough to come out on top, with Edwards 2nd and Flint claiming 3rd spot in what can only be descried as a race beyond their years.

The 125cc class was again dominated by the Thompson twins, much to the delight of the home fans, as they are regular Leicester mascots. After a slip of misfortune for the previously series unbeaten Dan, whose cut out cord came unattached during the heat, Joe took the opportunity to slip past and take the win.

Jay Farish and Mickie Simpson who were both making their first appearances in a final, had a 4 lap battle for the 3rd position with Farish just about doing enough to hold on.

Quick mention for the only girl racer in the series Taya Thirtle, who claimed her first point of the series at the 12th time of trying, which raised a big cheer from the crowd.

So all in all another fantastic 55 heats run in under 4 hours on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and now a few weeks break before Round 4 at Rye House on Sunday 26th July.

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