Fixtures > Mitas British Youth Championship Round 1

Mitas British Youth Championship Round 1

10th May 2015 - 3pm



British Championship Scores


Jack Parkinson 18 pts
Jamie Halder 16 pts
Lewis Whitmore 14 pts
Kieron Douglas 12 pts
William O”Keefe 11 pts
Jack Thomas 10 pts
Macauley Leek 9 pts
Sam Wright 8 pts
Sam Wooley 7 pts
Mitchell Beckett 6 pts
Luke McKenna 5 pts
Stephen Whitehouse 4 pts
Saul Bulley 3 pts
Sam Chapman 2 pts


Kean Dicken 18 pts
Tom Brennan 16 pts
Anders Rowe 14 pts
Kyle Bickley 12 pts
Jordan Jenkins 11 pts
Luke Woodhull 10 pts
Ben Woodhull 9 pts
Daniel Gilkes 8 pts
Chad Wirtzfeld 7 pts

150cc and 125cc are support races only.


After many of the the 2015 British Youth Riders have been riding in demo races and 2nd halves during the first part of the season, the serious business of the first round of the 2015 Mitas British Youth Championship had arrived to be held at the Eddie Wright Raceway at Scunthorpe on Sunday.

With the Youth Riders now having a bigger profile in conjunction with having their own website, Twitter and Facebook accounts everyone was eagerly looking forward to the opening of this year’s championship.

With a record number of participants and races, 50 riders and 55 races it was sure to be an entertaining day.

As proven in the past, all riders did not disappoint and with almost each and every race there was a story to be told.

During the qualication races to reach their own finals, there were some real standout performances, in the 500cc Jack Parkinson went through the card unbeaten, with both Jamie Halder and Lewis Whitmore dropping just one point apiece.

If sundays performances are anything to go by then the 250cc class will be the most competitive this season, with Kyle Bickley looking fast in the heats, and also having some fast heat wins both Tom Brennan and Anders Rowe, with Kean Dicken having a consistent four 2nd places to reach the final.

The 150cc standout rider was young Jolyn West who went unbeaten and also unbeaten in the heats in the 125cc class was Dan Thompson.

So after an exhausting 51 heats that were run in an amazing 2 hours and 50 minutes we were all set for 4 exciting finals.

Those 4 finals certainly did not disappoint.

If only the Sky cameras were present to see the excitement of all 4 finals, Mr Pearson and Mr Tatum would have been screaming down their microphones as you could hardly split any of the 4 riders over each of the 4 laps in all of the finals.

The 1st final of the 125cc, was a match race between the Thompson Twins, Dan and Joe, and the McGurks brothers Harry and Sam.

Dan had looked quickest in the heats, and did not disappoint in the final, and just about held the lead in front of the the chasing Harry, and his twin Joe.

If the 1st final was exciting then it was time to take a deep breath for the remaining 3 finals.

150cc was next, and the old saying of “You could throw a blanket over all 4 riders” was never nearer the truth not only in this final but also the 250cc final as well.

Some breathtaking manoeuvres by Joylon West to win the 150cc class and be unbeaten all day closely followed by Leon Flint and Jason Edwards.

Going in to the 250cc final, Kean Dicken who had not won a race in his qualifying heats had the unfavored gate 4 against 3 riders who had some real fast times during the day.

Dicken the complete outsider in more than one, shot from the start, and despite the valiant efforts of the remaining 3 Brennan, Rowe and Bickley, Dicken rode the perfect line to clinch his first win in the 250s, with Bickley losing his steel shoe on the last corner, both Brennan and Rowe came through to take the rostrum places.

Nerves came to fruition in the last final of the day as Jamie Halder coming of gate 2 tried to anticipate the start, and touched the tapes, to then give him the handicap of starting 15 metres back.

Jack Parkinson who had been untroubled during the heats, made no mistake in the final, and just about rode the perfect line to claim his first win in the 500s, closely followed by Halder, who rode a fantastic race to pass both Douglas and Whitmore, after coming off the 15 metre handicap, with Whitmore claiming the 3rd place.

All in all a fantastic start to the 2015 series, and we are all now counting the days to this coming Saturday, as the series moves on to Eastbourne with a 5.30pm start time.