Fixtures > Mitas British Youth Championship Round 2 500cc and 150cc ONLY

Mitas British Youth Championship Round 2 500cc and 150cc ONLY

2nd May 2016 - 5pm




James Laker 2 2 1 3 = 8
Keiran McCoy 0 3 2 2 = 7
Nathan Ablitt 3 3 3 3 = 12
Mason O’Rourke 1 2 1 2 = 6
Jamie Bursill N/S 0 EF N/S = 0
Josh Parnell 1 0 1 1 = 3


1st Nathan Ablitt
2nd Mason O’Rourke
3rd James Laker
4th Keiran McCoy


Carl Basford 0 0 2 1 = 3
Tom Brennan  3 3 2 N/S = 8
Sam Wooley 0 2 0 2 = 4
Kyle Bickley  2 2 3 EX = 7
Luke Woodhull 1 1 2 EF = 4
Ben Woodhull 3 3 3 3 = 12
Kean Dicken EX 1 3 1 = 5
Sam Bebee  2 1 3 2 = 8
Jordan Jenkins 1 3 3 3 = 10
Lewis Whitmore  0 F N/S N/S = 0
Alex Spooner  1 F 2 1 = 4
James Hitchen  3 0 1 2 = 6
Sam Chapman  2 1 0 1 = 4
Taylor Hampshire  2 2 EF 3 = 7


1st Tom Brennan
2nd Sam Bebee
3rd Jordan Jenkins
Ben Woodhull Non Starter



Part 1 of round 2, hosted the 500cc Mitas British Youth Championship riders along with the support of the 150cc class and was very eventful.

Even though the championship was meant to be run after Scunthorpe PL fixture, the club decided at a last minute decision to run the 150cc support races before the main meeting.

After a mad rush each of the 6 riders prepared themselves, and rode a track that had an awful lot of rain just prior to the start, so made conditions very difficult.

All credit to each of the 6 riders for putting up a very good show, in what were not-ideal conditions.

Although winner of Round 1 Nathan Ablitt again was the star of the show with 5 races and 5 wins, which included his 2nd winners medal after winning the final for the very fast time, there was also some great races with the other 5 riders.

It is great to see the improvement of many of these young stars of the future, and both Mason O’Rourke and James Laker qualified for their first finals, along with Kieran McCoy who made the final for the 2nd time on the trot, after coming 3rd at Glasgow.

The main Championship event of the 500cc, did run after the PL fixture and again some fantastic racing, and some real talent in this class in 2016.

Right up until the last qualifying heat, riders were racing for vital points to make the all important final, but on this occasion the star of the show was young Ben Woodhull, and still only 14 years old, smashed his way to the final with 4 very classy wins to get first pick of the gates for the final.

Unfortunately for Ben, both him and his brother Luke ended up riding 1 bike between them due to Luke’s bike failing during his heats, and by the time the final had come around, it was 1 heat too many for the Team Woodhull bike, and Ben had to pull out of the final, which was heart breaking for all the Team Woodhull clan, who had put in so much hard work during the day, to get both Ben and Luke 4 heats each.

Also worth a mention is young Taylor Hampshire, who was making his debut ride on his 500cc machine, and looked very impressive and certainly one to watch in the future rounds, and Taylor was unfortunate not to make the final.

Kyle Bickley also didn’t have the best of days, with a fall in his last ride, which ended his hopes of a final place.

But the future of British speedway certainly looks to have a bright future with the likes of Tom Brennan who now leads the series after clinching round 2 and previously being runner up in round 1, and also the round 2 finalists Sam Bebee and Jordan Jenkins to name but a few.

Congratulations to all the riders who again made Round 2 a very enjoyable event.

Part 2 of round 2 is at Scunthorpe on Monday 30th May, which will consist of the 250cc and 125cc classes.