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Demonstration Races at Derwent Park

8th August 2015

Derwent Park, Workington



Kieran Mccoy 3 3 3 = 9
Jay Farish  2 2 2 = 6
Corban Pavit  1 1 1 = 3
James Hitchen  dnr                                    


Lewis Miller 2 3 3 = 8
Kieran Douglas  3 2 2 = 7
Luke Mckenna 1 1 1 = 3
Lloyd Ditchburn   r / n/s n/s = 0


Heat 1

Mccoy / Farish / Pavitt

Kieran Mccoy led from start to finish followed home by Jay Farish who made an excellent pass on Corban Pavitt on lap 2, Pavitt then trailed off to finish third some distance off Farish and Mccoy.

Heat 2

Douglas / Miller / Mckenna / Ditchburn ret

All four riders gated well with Kieran Douglas leading coming out of turn two closely followed by Ditchburn, Miller and Mckenna.  Ditchburn suffered mechanical problems coming out of turn four on the first lap which was to end his nights racing. Douglas led all the way followed closely by Miller with Mckenna some way off the front two.

Heat 3

Mccoy / Farish / Pavitt

Mccoy led from start to finish followed closely by Farish with Pavitt struggling to get to grips with the big Workington track.

Heat 4

Miller / Douglas /  Mckenna

Kieran Douglas made a great start and led for two laps before being passed by Miller with an ambitious outside pass on turns 3 -4 of lap 3, Miller being chased all the way home by Douglas andd Mckenna trailing in third.

Heat 5

Mccoy /  Farish / Pavitt

A near repeat of heat 3 with Mccoy and Farish battling it out with Pavitt a fair bit off the pace.

Heat 6

Miller / Douglas / Mckenna

Heat 6 saw Miller lead from start to finish chased all the way by Douglas with Mckenna third.

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