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One-Off 125cc British Final

28th June 2015 - 2pm



14) Joe Thompson 3 3 3 3  = 12
7)   Harry McGurk  3 3 3 3  = 12
15) Dan Thompson 2 3 3 2 = 10
42) Leon Flint           3 2 2 3 = 10
43) James Hitchen   1 2 2 2 = 7
46) Jay Farish            1 2 1 2 = 6
52) Bailey Fellows    2 1 1 2  = 6
53) Mickie Simpson  0 1 2 1 = 4
23) Niall Cleaver        1 0 1 ef = 2
47) Jack Shimelt         0 0 1 0 = 1
49) Alex Goldsbrough0 0 0 1 = 1
8)   Sam McGurk         1 f 0 0 = 1

Red     14) Joe Thompson 3
Blue    43) Leon Flint         1
White  7) Harry McGurk  ex
Y/B     15) Dan Thompson  2

Joe Thompson is the 2015 British 125cc Champion 


On Sunday afternoon the 2015 British 125cc Final was held at Peterborough with 12 of the young British riders competing to be British Champion.

The big open spaces of the Peterborough track lent itself to some of the races being spaced out, and in fairness probably was not the greatest racing ever seen at this level, but for sure all 12 riders gave it their all. The experience will do them all the world of good, and the track time that each rider gets is so valuable.

The 4 finalists were the stand out riders from this final, with both Joe Thompson and Harry McGurk reaching the final untouched by any of the other competitors in their heats. In this 12 rider format, Joe and Harry did not meet each other in the heats and the only way of splitting them who had first pick for the gates in the final was by the flick of a coin.

Joe won the choice for first pick, and went for the inside gate 1 position, which left Harry a choice of the other 3, and after a few minutes selected gate 3.

The remaining 2 positions again were tied on points this time with Dan Thompson and Leon Flint both scoring 10 points, so again the trusted 50p was produced and on this occasion Leon won and selected to go of gate 2, leaving Dan to on right on the outside gate 4.

As the tapes rose, the fastest  rider of the day Harry McGurk shot from the start and very quickly built up a big lead over the chasing pack of the Thompson Twins and Flint who was in 4th position.

Coming up to the last lap flag McGurk had the title in the bag and just had to complete 1 more lap, and was under no pressure from the other 3. But exiting the 2nd bend for the last time, McGurk picked up a bit of extra drive which drove him towards the fence and as his back wheel clipped the bottom of the fence down the back straight, it sent him side ways and he just about managed to stay on the bike. Unfortunately it shot him across the centre green and the ref had no option but to disqualify him, total heartbreak for the young boy from Yorkshire.

With McGurk now on the centre green, this left the remainder of the race for Joe Thompson to stay focused and complete the final bend to be crowned 2015 British Champion, with Dan claiming the runners up prize and Flint getting the last rostrum place in 3rd place.

The whole stadium felt sorry for McGurk, but as the saying goes, “That’s speedway, and its over 4 laps”.

All credit to all 12 riders for putting on a show, on track conditions that they are not normally used to, as they went out first before the main event.

Our thanks to the Peterborough promotion for hosting the event, Fen Signs Cambridge United Supporters for sponsoring the Trophies, and the BSPA for their continued support.