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British Under-21 Semi-Final Draw Revealed

12th March 2017

The full line up in draw order has now been confirmed for the British Under 21 Semi Final being hosted by Peterborough on Tuesday 11th April.

GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher said, “considering the Top 6 British Riders have already been seeded directly to the Final, the quality of this Semi Final is very strong indeed.

I would imagine that there will be some disappointed riders out there who have not been included, but the standard of these young British Riders has increased over the last few years, and I for one would not like to pick out the riders in this Semi Final who will qualify for this years Final.”

So in draw order –

1) Jack Smith (Belle Vue and Glasgow)

2) Kelsey Dugard ( Eastbourne)

3) James Shanes ( Poole)

4) Zach Wajtknecht ( Swindon and Lakeside)

5) Luke Harris ( Cradley)

6) Nathan Greaves ( Wolverhampton and Isle of Wight)

7) Connor Mountain ( Ipswich and Mildenhall)

8) Ellis Perks ( Rye House, Redcar and Buxton)

9) Jack Thomas ( Kent)

10) Josh Bailey ( Kings Lynn, Scunthorpe and Kings Lynn Young Stars)

11) Jack Parkinson Blackburn ( Sheffield and Birmingham)

12) Danny Phillips ( Newcastle and Kings Lynn Young Stars)

13) Danno Verge ( Mildenhall)

14) Nathan Stoneman ( Kent)

15) Alfie Bowtell ( Lakeside)

16) Danyon Hume ( Ipswich and Birmingham)


17) Joe Lawlor ( Cradley)

18) Jamie Halder ( Unattached) 

The Top 10 Points scorers from the Semi Final will qualify for the British Under 21 Final, to join the 6 seeded riders – Robert Lambert, Adam Ellis, Josh Bates, Liam Carr, Max Clegg and Dan Bewley  

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