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Big Week Ahead for Young British Riders in Europe

1st July 2018

It is a big week for 4 Young Lions riders who are travelling across to Europe to enter 2 separate competitions.

First of all Leon Flint and Jordan Palin travel to Poland to compete in the World 250cc Semi Final in Gdansk Poland on Wednesday, in their bid to qualify for the World Final which takes place at Torun in Poland on Friday.

Flint who competes in the first Semi Final on Wednesday afternoon, and Palin who is in the 2nd Semi Final at the same venue Wednesday evening, will be going all out to score enough points to make a top 7 finish in a bid to guarantee themselves a place in Friday’s final.

Also venturing out to Europe this week will be Under 19 riders Tom Brennan and Kyle Bickley to compete in Thursdays European Under 19 Semi Final at Pardubice in the Czech Republic on Thursday.

This will be a real tough Semi Final as riders from all across Europe and the majority will have more European experience than both Brennan and Bickley.

That said both British boys are in good form in the UK, so no reason why both British boys cannot achieve their aim of a top 7 finish to qualify for the European Under 19 Final which takes place in Finland in August.

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