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Bad Weekend for GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher

31st August 2015

The Bank Holiday weekend has not been the best weekend for GB Youth Boss Neil Vatcher.

Vatcher explains, “this Bank Holiday weekend was supposed to be a big weekend for me, as I had a trip to Denmark organised to assist Adam Ellis in the European Under 21 Final on Saturday, then an early morning flight back to Manchester, Sunday morning to then drive to Workington for the 4th round of the Mitas British Youth Championship which was being held at the Workington Training Track, Northside.

I got the call about 4pm Friday afternoon to get told the sad news, that Northside had been vandalised to such a bad state, that we had no choice but to cancel the Youth Round. The air fence had been ripped to shreds by stanley knifes, the electric cables had been cut, the tractor had been damaged and the roof of the changing rooms had been set on fire, along with the 19 speedway tyres supplied by Mitas for the youth riders to use had been stolen.

So after Northside had been cancelled, I decided to re-book my flight late Friday evening, to fly back to London on Sunday morning in stead of Manchester as London is about 4 hours nearer to my home in Hampshire than Manchester is.

My flight to Denmark was leaving Stansted at 6.55am Saturday morning, so I left home at 3.30am making my way to Stansted.

My route to Stansted normally takes me up the M3, then on to the M25, but due to severe road works on the M3, on this occasion I decided to make my way to M25 via the A3, which is the main route from Portsmouth to London.

As I almost got to the Hindhead Tunnel which is about 20 miles south of the M25, the tunnel was closed, due to a fire in the tunnel, so the traffic came to a stand still.

I was parked in the inside lane, with a heavy goods vehicle parked about 20’yards behind me, I had been at a stand still for almost 10 minutes, when a vehicle driving far too fast came up the outside lane, when suddenly he realised that he had to get across to the inside lane, and pulled in behind me, but was driving far too fast to be able to stop in time and smashed straight into the back of me, causing a whole load of damage not only to my car, who he hit first, but then to 4 other vehicles .

My car was damaged so bad, that I believe it will be written off, even though it is only 2 years old.

From this point on, there was no way I would be able to get to Stansted in time to catch my flight to Denmark, so eventually made my way back home.

So from looking forward to a busy weekend of speedway action, I ended up seeing no speedway, someone wrote my car off, and was left feeling rather 2nd hand and a bit sorry for myself”.

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