Info > 2018 Roll of Honour

Speedway Grand Prix – Tai Woffinden – World Champion

Speedway of Nations – GB 2nd Place

FIM Speedway European Championship – Robert Lambert – 3rd Place

FIM World Under 21 Team Cup – Semi Final – Winners

Final – 3rd

FIM World Under 21 Individual – Robert Lambert 3rd, Dan Bewley 8th

FIM World 250cc Finalist – Jordan Palin and Leon Flint

FIM World 125cc Long Track Final – Sam McGurk 2nd

FIM European Under 21 Finalist – Dan Bewley

FIM European Under 19 Finalist – Tom Brennan

FIM European 250cc Finalist – Leon Flint, Jordan Palin and Nathan Ablitt

FIM European 125cc Final – Sam McGurk 4th

British Under 21 Final – 1st Robert Lambert, 2nd Connor Mountain, 3rd Nathan Greaves

British Under 19 Final – 1st Dan Bewley, 2nd Tom Brennan, 3rd Leon Flint

British Youth 500cc Championship – 1st Leon Flint, 2nd Joe Thompson, 3rd Dan Thompson

British Youth 250cc Championship – 1st Nathan Ablitt, 2nd Sam Hagon, 3rd Jordan Palin

British Youth 150cc Championship – 1st Archie Freeman, 2nd Sonny Springer, 3rd Gregor Miller

British Youth 125cc Championship – 1st Sam McGurk, 2nd Freddie Fox Baron, 3rd Max James

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